Teacher and Speaker Information

(Barclay Gibbs)

Be Kind and Unwind

Alina of Foxwood(Elaine Cohen)

Step by Step 16th Century Italian


Interpreting Cantigas on Your Own: one possible approach

Period Arabic Music: What do we know?

Annalena di Lucca(Heather Harris)

Bassa Toscana

Benedict Hindman

"Scale Warriors" Bowed strings technique workout

Going Retro: Early-music performance practice for modern instrumentalists

Brendan O Corraidhe(Corrie Bergeron)

Frets & Fingers: Basics of Fretted String Instruments

String Cheats, or How to sound better than you really are

String Theory, or, a Naturo-Philosophic investigation into the Properties of the Vibrating String.

Briana Stonefield(Mary Ellen Miller)

Simple ECD for Beginners

Bryan Morgan(David Oxford)


Cecilia the Sinister (Jessica Cohen)

Pungente Dardo and Rustica Amorosa

Scotch Cap and Old Mole

Choi Min(Jacquelyn Hansel)

Japanese Festival Dancing

Colette the Seamstress (Alice Smith-Goeke)

Break - No Classes

Break - No Classes

Dancing with Disabilities

KWDS 14 Feedback Session

Non-Gendered Dance Calling - More than Robins and Larks

Session 1

Session 2

Session 3

Session 4

Session 5

Daniele di Padola

Two dances from Il Papa

Diana Tregirtse(Diana Troxell)

"Bobbing Joe" Lovelace & Playford Versions

Coranto d'espagna

Grazioso (Guglielmo) & la Graziosa (Giorgio)

Evelynne Merrymet(Rita Jane Leasure)

Uncommon Gresley

Uncommon Gresley part II

Gwenllyen the Minstrel(Janet Scheltema)

Harp Concert

Playing the harp with others

Plucking Around on the Harp

James Blackcloak(Jamie Hargrove)

Contrapasso Da Farsi in Tutti I Modi

Saint Paul's Cathedral

Janelyn of Fenmere(Janelle Durham)

How to Teach Dance (or anything else)

Jocelyn Le Jongleur(Jessica Nicol)

An Introduction to the harp: how to hold it, pluck it, and play around!

Jolicia atte Northclyfe(Julie Washington)

From the Iron Age to Royal Courts: How the Recorder Found its Voice

Maia Bowen(Michele ODonnell)

Simple Rhythms of Zils, Zills, Sagats or Finger Cymbals

So You Want To Dance?!

Melissent d'Aulnay the Capricious(Michelle Henry)

SCA Dancing 101

Mieczko the Swift of Jaroslaw(Duane Roberts)

3D Printing of Musical Instruments

Renaissance Loud Band

Robyyan Torr d'Elandris(D S)

OPDB: Gurdy Gathering For Those Who Play (at least a little)

OPDB: Intro to Hurdy-Gurdy

OPDB: Intro to Pipe and Tabor

OPDB: Pipe and Tabor Practicum

Sahar de Valencia(Lori Murphy)

Hula Kahiko Mauna Kea dances from Hawaii

Hula Kahiko Poliahu dance from Hawaii

Sion Andreas o Wynedd(Ian Engle)

Entrance, Dialogue, Resolution

Siri Toivosdotter(Jo-Ann Sheffer)

Here. Play This. Now.

Planning a Choral Ball (Set)

Sonya Flicker called Patches(Sonya Gross)

Bransles for One or More

Hey there!

Stefan of Cambion(Stephen Kiefert)

Inns of Court Dances

Parsons Farewell, Whirligig

Trahaearn ap Ieuan(Peter Durham)

My favorite galliards

The Other Measures

Urraca Yriarte de Gamboa(Mary Railing)

Renaissance Dance in Central Europe

Sources for Renaissance Dance

Wol Bi (Amanda Bartlett)

Ganggangsullae - Korean dance

Yngerame Erskyne(Caitlyn Smallwood)

Torneo Amoroso - A New Translation