Altes Rathaus (City Hall)

Altes Rathaus, Hauptstraße 137

63897 Miltenberg


The Lord Baron and the Lady Baroness of the Ancient Barony of Knights Crossing in the Kingdom of Drachenwald hereby invite one and all to days of learning, music, feasting, and dancing at the 11th Known World Dance and Music Symposium. One of the Barony's holdings, the 14th century city hall of the picturesque city of Miltenberg am Main, shall once more see balls and revelry like it has not seen in hundreds of years – come and be part of the experience!

The official event dates are April 15-19, 2015. Dance classes will be held on two floors of the main site and in two rooms in a nearby Neogothic youth hostel. Multiple dance & music tracks are being planned for each day. Space for after hours dancing and revels will also be available.

Registration is available from the Site Fees page.

Travel Advice from the Event Steward, Countess Judith de Northumbria

Traveling to Miltenberg am Main is relatively easy from pretty much any destination in the world. Located approximately 100 kilometers from Frankfurt International Airport, this medieval jewel is a 45-minute drive by car or a 2.5 hour train ride from the airport. Other international airports that also occasionally offer lower fares thank Frankfurt include Cologne-Bonn and Dusseldorf airports (a three and four hour drive from site, respectively, or a 4-5 hour train ride). To ensure the best fare, I recommend using to set up fare alerts letting you know about price drops your point of origin to these airports.

When booking an international flight, remember that most airlines only offer one 23 kg bag and a carryon as part of the ticket price, but there are several airlines that fly to Frankfurt that still allow two pieces of free checked luggage, namely Singapore Air (hands down one of the best airlines in the world) and Iceland Air. Also certain airlines allow extra checked luggage for active duty military personnel and their dependents (Delta and United).

For people traveling within Europe, the closest Ryan Air airport is 3-4 hours by bus, or 2-3 hours by car. I therefore generally recommend keeping an eye on the Lufthansa fare specials, which allow one free piece of checked 20 kg luggage plus an 8 kg carryon, yet do not come burdened with the myriad hidden fees of which Ryan Air is so inordinately proud. If taking the train, the Miltenberg train station is an easy 1 km from the site, which affords a nice walk across the Main River. You can also catch a taxi from the station to the site for about 7 EUR. In terms of cost efficiency, you can save significant money by booking train tickets in advance at, which is available in easily understood English (if you have ever used international websites, then you will know how charmingly incomprehensible the English version can sometimes be). Train tickets can be booked no more than three months in advance.

Germany does not have a long distance public bus system like in countries such as Spain, so that is not really a travel option for getting from the airport to Miltenberg.

If traveling from the U.S, it is recommended that you arrive several days in advance of the event to start adjusting to the jet lag – factor in an hour of time difference per day to fully acclimate. However, usually after three days, most people are able to rise at a reasonable time in the morning without feeling like a recently deceased character in a zombie movie. For those who wish to experience the legendary Drachenwald hospitality as they travel around, we shall be arranging couch surfing opportunities, so please contact the reservation steward if interested in this opportunity.