Boston University

1 University Rd

Boston, MA 02215


Dancers, musicians, scholars and teachers - all are invited to gather in Carolingia for five glorious days of dancing, music, classes and balls. Join us for the Third Known World Dance Symposium! 

Running from Friday June 8 through Tuesday June 12, 2001, this event will focus on all aspects of period dance and dance music. It will also overlap the first days of the Boston Early Music Festival (BEMF), a huge non-SCA event focused on music (and some dance) from the Renaissance and Baroque eras. See for more information about BEMF. Some SCA members might like to remain in Boston for BEMF, June 11-17. To encourage crossover from BEMF, Tuesday classes will be open to the public (June 12). 

The Known World Dance Symposium will be held at Boston University. Check in at the Boston University School for the Arts, 855 Commonwealth Avenue, Boston, Massachusetts. The site will open at 4pm on Friday June 8, and there will be an informal ball that evening to welcome everyone. Classes begin Saturday and run through Tuesday, June 9-12. Formal balls are planned for the evenings of Saturday, Sunday, and Monday, June 9-11. (See the detailed schedule for specific times.) Tuesday, the day of overlap with BEMF, will be open to non-SCA members (who will not be in garb). We encourage SCA members to remain in garb on Tuesday to provide visual interest and make identifying newcomers easier.