Universal Preservation Hall

25 Washington St

Saratoga Springs, NY 12866


June is finally here so hopefully you are making your plans for a long weekend of dancing and music, color and pageantry. Dancing starts Thursday evening, June 20, with an Informal evening of dancing and music. Gate opens at 5pm, dancing starts at 6:30 at the parish building of St. Peters church (see note in directions). Gate opens at 8am on Friday and Saturday morning at Universal Preservation Hall with classes starting at 9.

Classes for dancers and musicians beginning through advanced Friday morning through Sunday morning are located at both sites. Active classes, roundtables, playing and lecture, we expect to have it all.

Have you been working on a new dance? Friday evening you will have an opportunity show us all in the way of a bit of competition. The presentation should be a new (within the past year) reconstruction of a period dance up through the 1602 dance treatises is acceptable. Judging will be based on more than knowing the steps however. Poise and timing, attention to one's partner, decorum and grace, manner of movement and the beauty of the dance at court is the aim.

Instrumental or vocal ensembles that would be interested in providing entertainment or background music during breaks or lunch please contact the autocrat.

This event is different than most events you may have attended. we will be dancing on wood floors so wear comfortable shoes. The rules for period clothing are a bit relaxed due distances that folks travel, weather, and length of the event. For all Formal balls on Friday evening, Saturday evening and Sunday afternoon, pre-17th century clothing will be required. Loaner garb will be available. However, for daytime classes, period clothing is encouraged but not required.

Merchant space may be available on Friday and Saturday but is very limited and so merchants must be pre-registered. Therefore, we are limiting merchant wares to music or dance related items only. Please contact the event steward if interested.