List of Attendees

Barbara Segal - Professional Historic Dance Teacher

Barbara Segal is a performer, teacher and historian of dance from the 15th-19th centuries. These range from the court dances of Italian Renaissance dance masters such as Domenico, Caroso and Negri to Regency dances, including dances of Jane Austen''s time, and dances of the Victorians. She is director of Chalemie, a group specialising in early dance and music theatre, particularly the 18th century. She has performed and taught throughout Europe, the Baltic States, Russia and Australia. She has toured for the Early Music Network and the British Council, and has taught early dance to degree students at at The Royal Academy of Dance in London. She holds a PhD in Psychology from London University (LSE). Visit her web page.

Barbara is going to be teaching Intermediate to Advanced level 15th ad 16th century Italian Dance for the Known World Dance and Music Symposium. The following is a draft list of the dances she will be teaching (as a draft, this list is subject to change):

• 15th Century Italian
• Spero
• Petit Rose
• Vita di Cholino
• Voltati in ça Rosina
• Prexonera / Presoniera
• Belfiore
• Belriguardo
• Colonesse

• 16th Century Italian
• Alta Regina
• Furioso
• Lo Spagnoletto
• Maraviglia d'Amore
• Contrapasso Nuovo

Bill Tuck – Professional Historic Music Teacher
After early studies on the flute with Stephen Preston at the Guildhall School of Music in London he developed an interest in the problems of staging eighteenth century music theatre, particularly dance and pantomime. He is a founder member of Chalemie and performs in Commedia with Barry Grantham's Intentions Company. His principal interest is as a writer and deviser of eighteenth century style pantomimes.

He has played and taught pipe & tabor for many years and developed a particular interest in the 15th century dance repertoire. As accompanist he has worked with a number of dance groups and dance teachers on courses and performances of early dance.

He is also an enthusiastic performer upon the sackbut (or early trombone).

Bill will be teaching classes in the music that matches the dances taught by his wife, Barbara Segal.