Balls & Dance Parties

We are pleased to be able to offer traditional balls on both Friday and Saturday evening. There will be a less fancy ball on Sunday afternoon for those staying on. Thursday evening will be informal dancing and music. Musicians are welcome for all the balls!


We will also be hosting a Hafla both Friday and Saturday evenings. For the Friday Hafla our hostess, Mistress Azza al Shirazi says, "Come for the melodies, stay for the open dancing! Everyone is welcome to participate as a musician or dancer at any level from beginner to expert. This is a judgement-free zone! Music for the musicians is available at the Hafla Jam class earler in the day and on the Facebook group page: Atlantian Middle Eastern Musicians."

European Balls

We have wonderful balls planned for the symposium.  Friday we start with set one, Black Diamond's Delight, run by Baron Stefan of Cambion and Baroness Evelynn Merrymet.  Set two, English Extravaganza, run by Lady Mirabella Walmesley.  We finish with set three, Ealdormere's Enchantments, run by The Honourable Lord Darius the Dancer.

Friday Set I: Black Diamond's Delight

Queens Alman
Petit Rose
Ly Bens
Madam Sosilia
Contrapasso Nuovo
Bizzaria d'Amore
Pinegay Branle
Washerwoman Branle
Grene Gynger
Gracca Amorosa

Friday Set II: English Extravaganza

Black Nag
Hyde Park
Jenny Pluck Pears
Black Alman
Picking of Sticks
Scotch Cap
Hearts Ease
Rufty Tufty
Gathering Peascods
Hit and Miss
Cockolds All In A Row
If All The World Were Paper

Friday Set III: Ealdormere's Enchantments

Inns of Court mini-suite (Turkelone, Lorayne, New Alman)
Lo Spagnoletto
Bransle Suite – Cassandra, Pinagay, Charlotte, War, Aridan, Scottish
Jouyssance vous Donneray
Salterello II
Contentezza d'Amore
Old Mole
Chiara Stella
Parson's Farewell
Florido Giglio
Quen Quer Que
Ginevra Weasley

On Saturday night, we begin our evening with set one, Musica Subterranea Mania, lead by Lady Sophia de Orange, Mistress Urraca Yriarte de Gamboa, and the Honorable Lady Sionnain of Mynydd Seren.  Set two brings us the choral ball for all set, led by Mistress Eliane Halevy, The Honourable Lord Jamie Blackcloak, Lady Siri Toivosdotter, and Sir Volodimir of Cambion.  This set will have people singing as well as dancing.  Last, but certainly not least, we have our guest instructors, Barbara Segal and Bill Tuck with Lady Sophia de Orange leading Italiano dall'inglese set.

Saturday Set 1: Musica Subterranea Mania

New Bo Peep
Official Bransle
Sellenger's Round
Black nag
Petit Vriens
Rose e Viole
Upon a Summer's Day
Old Mole
Rosti Boli
Heart's Ease
Scotch Cap
My Lady Cullen
Violet's Fancie

Saturday Set II: Choral Ball For All

Belle Qui Tiens Pavane
Black Almain
Galliard (Tourdion)
Adson's Sarabande
Vita Di Cholino
If All the World Were Paper

Saturday Set III: Italiano dall'inglese

La Ingrata
Rosti Boli
Contrapasso Nuovo
Contrapasso in Due
Jouyssance vous donneray
Maraviglia d' Amore
Lo Spagnoletto
Petit Rose
Gracca Amorosa

Sunday's Caroso-Style Ball

The ball on Sunday afternoon, will be a review of things learned during the symposium. We will have dances from the classes, some Middle Eastern performance, and some first time band leaders! 

Lady Avelina del Dolce will be leading a Caroso-style ball that promises “attractive and chivalrous conduct that is fashionable today, both in dancing and otherwise” as dancers showcase their favorite dances, including repertoire they learned from classes at Known World Dance Symposium.

In the Caroso ball format, willing dancers sit around the edge of the dance floor (ladies on one side, gentlemen on the other), forming an audience. Dancers in attendance will be seated by order of precedence and individuals willing to dance will choose from a list of dance choices. The couple choosing the dance can make the choice to perform alone or open the floor to other good gentles who know the dance. Join us Sunday as we dance in a fashion that would make Caroso proud!