Teacher and Speaker Information

Adele Desfontaines

16th Century Italian

Anna Mansbridge

Celeste Giglio

Brion Glefelagh(Brian Fraiser)

Fun for 4 Couples with 1st Playford

Dafydd Cyhoeddwr

English Country Dance

Four-couple English Country Dances

Interestingly weird 3-couple English Country Dance

Some of the variations on the as-many-as-will ECDs

Darius the Dancer(David Learmonth)


Mixed Bransles of the Champagne Suite

Delbert von Strassburg

Dances by Request

Il Canario

Deonna von Aachen(Beth Gurzler)

Playing for dancing

Elsbeth Anne Roth

Dancer challenge

Fionnabhair inghean Donnchaidh Guthrie

Gresley Manuscript Dances

Gregory Blunt

Santucci: A New Source (1614)

Isabel D Triana

15th Century Italian

Intermediate 15th century Italian dances with drama

Janelyn of Fenmere

Dance Videos

How to teach anything

John Elys

Ornamenting Dance (and Other) Music

Jorunn Steinnabrjotr

Band: Burgundian, Arbeau, Almans

Band: Early Italian

Band: English Country Dances

Band: Late Italian

Band: Saturday Set 1

Band: Saturday Set 2

Band: Saturday Set 3

Band: Saturday Set 4

Mara Kolarova(Meredith Courtney)

English Court Masque

Fifteenth-Century, North of Italy

Improvisation Principles for Dancing

The Volta

Perronnelle Charrette de La Tour du Pin

Old Measures

Philip White(Craig Shupee)

Reconstruction Techniques for Dance

Sara de Bonneville(Sara Bonneville)

15th - 16th Century Basse Dance (the long way around)

Interesting English Country Dances

Triple Terpsichore - Dances for 3

Soelig Sweteglee

Short Survey of Welsh Dance

Tessa di Aquila

Fun for 4 Couples with 1st Playford

Trahaearn ap Ieuan(Peter Durham)

Introduction to Dance Sources

Urraca Yriarte de Gamboa(Mary Railing)

Improvisation Principles for Dancing

Introducing 16th Century Italian Steps

Vyncent atte Wodegate

Basic Galliards from Arbeau

Pavan & Galliard

Yves de Fortanier

Three Basse Dances from Fifteenth Century Burgundy - or What Else Did They Do Besides Dance de Cleve